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The Soap Dairy Wool Wash Bar with Lanolin (Scented)

The Soap Dairy

The wool wash bar is handmade by Maria Benjamin of The Soap Dairy. It is a traditional cold process soap using Jersey milk from the farm’s dairy cow. This Jersey cow is called Honeysuckle and lives in Dodgson Wood, a family farm in England. Unlike in most dairies, they leave Honeysuckle with her calf to rear herself.

The Wool Wash Bar is perfect for hand washing your woollens. It contains lanolin and milk which leaves your garments feeling wonderfully silky soft. The scented bars will brighten up your woollens with a subtle fresh aroma of daisies and pine.

The Wool Wash Bar comes in 2 sizes - Regular and Mini.

Regular bars are 50 g minimum weight. They are wrapped in greaseproof paper and come in a handprinted canvas bag. Inside the bag are instructions on how to use the soap. The bags can be kept and reused and the greaseproof paper recycled or composted. 

Mini bars are 25 g minimum weight and simply wrapped simply in glassine paper.

Ingredients: Sodium rapeseedate (rapeseed oil), Aqua, Lac (Jersey cow's milk), Lanolin, Sodium lactate, Titanium dioxide, Parfum (fragrance oils)

How to use your wool wash bar:

1. Add lukewarm water to a bowl or sink large enough to fit your project.

2. Wet the wool wash bar in the water and build up a good lather.

3. Leave the bar out of the water to dry naturally.

4. Swish the water to disperse the soap before adding your wool project.

5. Submerge and soak your project in the water for approximately 20 mins.

6. Gently rinse your project in a fresh bowl of lukewarm water and dry flat.


Photos courtesy of Dodgson Wood

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