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Tassar Peduncle Handspun Organic Silk 2 ply


Content: 100% silk
Weight: 2 ply / Lace
Colour: 103B
Care: Hand wash

This thick and thin yarn is individually handspun from naturally occurring colours of Tassar silk (also spelt tussah or tussar). It is made of non-violence silk from peduncles of Tassar cocoons. The yarn is 100% undyed and natural in colour. It is in a ready to be dyed form and can be dyed in any silk colour dye combination.

Grown and processed by hand in India, the colours of the silk are from the tannin of the plants that the caterpillar eats. It has a distinctive smell indicating its minimal processing. This is an organic yarn made by a Women's Cooperative in a small Indian village.

Please note that the price for this listing is for a 100 grams hank. However due to the handmade nature of this yarn, each hank varies in amount. We will pack the total weight ordered in as many hanks as necessary to meet the weight requirement. Thank you for your understanding.

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