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Stansborough Bofur Scarf and Gloves Knit Kit


Professionally and accurately designed from our very special Stansborough Mithril yarn Range, as used in the Movies, this is something you can individually make yourself or gift to any avid knitter or Hobbit Fan.

The kit has two easy to follow knit scarf and gloves patterns, with all the yarn you need to create your own piece of "Middle Earth". Beautifully packaged with story, pattern and pure, natural, Stansborough magical "Mithril" knit yarn.

If you wish to make the XL size gloves, you will require an extra ball of Kokako grey yarn available here.

You'll need 3.75mm (US5) double pointed needles for the gloves and 10mm (US15) needles for the scarf. These are not supplied in the kit.

Hand washing your project in hot water the first time causes the yarn to bloom beautifully, bringing out the true nature of this beautiful, drapey, shimmery yarn. Instructions on how to wash and block the scarf are given in the pattern.


Do note that the gloves pattern was designed to be rugged enough to last the filming of the entire Hobbit trilogy movies. The pattern is tighter set than what you would normally use with the "Mithril" yarn and therefore slightly less soft when finished. The gloves should soften if you hand soak and finish as described below.

Tip to soften the gloves:
Soak the new gloves in hot water with a wool wash for about 15 minutes without agitation, then squeeze water out gently. Re-soak without agitation in wool conditioner or white vinegar, then squeeze water out again or spin. Dry flat or hang to dry. Warm steam press to finish.


Stansborough yarn is a beautiful, natural yarn spun from 'Stansborough Grey' wool and comes from their unique breed of naturally grey sheep, a flock of just 1,200. There is currently only one flock in the world! They are humanely cared for in some of the most picturesque surroundings, with access to good water and shelter. The wool is 100% NZ grown and processed. This is a historic, long staple wool that produces a yarn that is very silky and much more lustrous than the ‘average’ wool yarn that you’re used to. It has beautiful draping qualities, superior strength, crease-resistance, durability and lustre. It literally shimmers in the light!

Photos courtesy of Stansborough

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