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Muga Warp Silk 1 ply


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Content: 100% silk
Weight: 1 ply / Cobweb
Amount: 100 grams hank or 60 grams on bobbin (including bobbin weight)
Care: Hand wash

This super fine singles silk yarn is machine spun from naturally occurring colours of silk. It is a beautiful natural gold colour that is indigenous to the Assam province in India. It is handspun by the women in that province which maintains their cultural traditions. The silk is known for its glossy fine texture and durability. It cannot be bleached or dyed, is stain resistant and is naturally organic.

Try holding six strands together while knitting to achieve a fingering weight yarn. This is also fabulous as a single in plying while hand spinning (Z-twist) or as a warp yarn in weaving.

Please note that the price for this listing is for a 100 grams hank, unless ordering 117 on bobbins. However due to the handmade nature of this yarn, each hank varies in amount. Price adjustments may be required and we will contact you if this occurs. Refunds are automatically processed. Increased pricing will require your approval.

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