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Hemp Degummed Fibre


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Content: 100% hemp
Amount: 100 grams

Hemp is environmentally friendly as hemp production needs no herbicides or pesticides, has low water requirements, produces 2 – 4 times more fibre per area than other sources and maintains a healthy microbial life in the soil. Hemp is naturally resistant to damp, mould, bacteria, moths and silverfish.

Combed degummed hemp is soft and combed like a long ponytail - approximately 10 metres per 100 grams. It is ideal for textile projects and weaving that would use wool tops or roving. It dyes well too.

Uncombed degummed hemp fibre is an affordable option for weaving, craft, and stuffing for small cushions, toys and pet bedding. It is not recommended to wash large items like cushions stuffed with this fibre as it tends to clump and may take a long time to dry completely.

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