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Zealana Cozi 4 ply


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Content: 58% wool, 22% nylon, 15% possum, 5% alpaca
Weight: 4 ply / Fingering
Knitting Gauge: 28 sts = 10 cm on 2.25 - 3.25 mm needles
Amount: 170 metres / 50 grams ball 
Care: Hand wash

COZI is Zealana’s first sock yarn. Thoughtfully engineered to withstand wear, the 58% merino, 15% possum down and 5% baby alpaca keep softness and warmth at the forefront. 20% Nylon and 2% elastic nylon makes all the difference in the fit department, rendering ribbing crisp and resilient. A high twist increases durability and stitch definition, making all your knits heirloom worthy.

Why use NZ brushtail possum?

Possums in New Zealand are not killed for the fur trade. The fur and fibre are by-products of culling to control their numbers. Brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand by fur traders in 1837 and due to the lack of natural predators, the possum population has exploded out of control to about 70 million. The rapid increase in numbers have a huge damaging impact on New Zealand's native flora and fauna as possums consume 21,000 metric tons of vegetation every 24 hours. Measures are now taken by the government to responsibly manage and reduce the possum population. 

Product colours photos courtesy of Zealana

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