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Winter is lovely this year

Posted on June 15, 2013 by 46746523 | 1 comment

On most Sundays of the year, the Newcastle Farmers' Markets are on at the Broadmeadow showground. It is my absolute favourite place to be on Sunday mornings. There is an active, relaxed atmosphere of farmers, artisans and vendors of all sorts with jazz music in the background. The food is fresh, the smells delicious, the colours bright and the people happy. Do go and visit if you are in the area. PS I have some  yarns in the Umbrella Artisan's store in the first shed (closest to the gate). In the afternoon, we went out in the lovely weather and walked along the Newcastle foreshore, soaking up the atmosphere, eating Harry's pies and ice cream, listening to live music at The Brewery, walking the dogs and observing the Novocastrians wandering past. Remember the vest I was knitting? It is complete and warm and has generated several positive comments :). I chose not to block it, but might do it after its first bath. The new hand spun, vegetable dyed Hemp yarns are here. They are rugged and tough. Suggestions for use include : kitchen scrubbers, bath scrubbers, Warp for weaving, mesh warp for rugs and carpets and crochet carry bags, plant pot holders, wrapping parcels and garden uses. Crocheted Kitchen Washer is made from just under 1 ball. Set up row : Chain 33 with 4.5mm hook. Row 1: Working back to beginning, first 3st are first tr, insert hook into 4th chain from end, tr in every chain, turn. Total of 31st. Row 2: Chain 3 (as first tr), tr in next stitch until end of row, turn. Total 31st. Repeat Row 2 until there is a square fabric. Chain 12 stitches and slip stich into base of the 1st chain. Pull end through and weave in all ends. TADA! Use to scrub dirty dishes or dirty feet.

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December 02, 2015

Just had a quick read of your blog and I am very impressed and inspired by you, beautiful work, clever girl.

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