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Angel Touch Baby Alpaca yarn Naturally dyed

Posted on October 02, 2011 by 46746523 | 0 comments

This is Naturally Dyed Baby Alpaca. Uses our Angel Touch as a base yarn.

Angel Touch is one of my favourites and has been a staple yarn in our store since the beginning. It comes in 8 Natural colours and some Limited Edition Naturally Dyed colours.

It is from Baby Alpaca fiber (under 22 microns) and is soft enough for baby items.


There is a free cowl pattern in the Pages of YARN magazine, or email us in Contact Us form to receive a copy via email.


Our Natural Dyeing process involves our rainwater tank, locally collected plants and occasional mailorder natural dyestuff. Lovingly coaxed over a gasfire with the help of my 3 kids who love to see the colours emerge.



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